Hey It's Me, Kelsey

I'm a twenty-something with a soul straight from the ocean, on a voyage to discover all the small + local businesses I can in my area and beyond. Born and raised in the marshes of New England where the creek mud runs through my veins. Wherever there is ocean, there is home. My life is a constant ebb and flow between work, school, and just about everything else you will see here. 

I don't really know the best way to succinctly explain the kinda gal I am, so here's a quick run-through;

Lattes are my lifeblood, I'm engaged to my fireman, Jonah, Waylon and Beau made me a dog mama, my music range is as wide as the horizon, I love skin care so much my other organs are probably jealous, I strive to be zero-waste and plant-based, I'm most confident in a cute outfit, I make my living on the other end of a stethoscope, essential oils are the glue holding me together, and Jesus is my go-to guy.

So there you go! Me in a nutshell. The rest... well, the rest is in the works. Stick around and you might just get to see it all unfold.

All the best,