Tales of a Bride to Be


Today I experienced moments I’ve only dreamt about since the days of crimped hair and razr phones. I was able to try on gorgeous gowns that could potentially be the one I wear to meet my handsome man at the end of the aisle! I know it sounds cliché but coming out of that little fitting room to smiles and even some teary eyes made my heart pound inside of my chest. I feel my own eyes welling and my face getting hot with emotion. A moment in life you hear of, but don’t believe will really come. Like graduation. Or tax returns.

I hold the train of each gown as I come out from behind the curtain, and step up onto this platform. I fluff the layers of fabrics and tulle our around me and bring my eyes up to the mirror in front of me. I see a veil flowing over my hair and showcasing this beautiful gown. This cascade of white... I’m trying on a wedding dress. My wedding dress. This isn’t me playing dress up with my mom or grandmother’s old gown. There’s no puffy 80’s sleeves here... This is for me. I look back at my loved one’s faces in the mirror and say, “Weren’t we just getting ready for prom?”

Initially I wasn’t going to go dress shopping at all, but I’m glad I did! I had received a dress from Jonah’s cousin that is downright gorgeous. Absolutely stunning! I even brought it with me to my appointment to compare. The wonderful girl helping me had picked dresses I would never- I repeat, NEVER- pick out for myself. And I think it’s the best thing that could have happened to me!

I ended up not even wanting the ONE stipulation I had about my potential dress... sleeves. I immediately wrote off strapless and thin straps, thinking they were a thing for summer weddings. Pinterest is filled with gorgeous lacey sleeves and so I followed suite. Not to mention who wouldn’t want to look like Princess Kate herself? (I loved her dress!)

Until I tested the waters, I didn’t know what the other gowns could feel like! The takeaway from this is; never pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, no matter how set you are in your ways. Always go for it, (whatever it is) you just might surprise yourself!

After having been dress shopping I think the best bits of advice I can give is:

  • It’s okay to love the first dress you try on

  • Go into your appointment with an open mind

  • If you say “I like it, but...” put it back. You don’t reeeally like it

  • Do your hair and makeup so you feel good going into the appointment

  • Ask about the bustle and how it will look for the entirety of your reception

  • Try all the styles!

  • Go to LoveBird if you’re a local... they were so incredibly helpful and kind. You can tell they love what they do and they are great at it! The whole atmosphere is centered completely around you and the party you bring. I can’t say enough good things about them!

What were some things you encountered when looking for your wedding dress? Did you do a veil? Flats or heels? So many details!

All the best, 

The Future Mrs. 

Kelsey SwinburneComment