Sit Back & Relax


Tentatively. Sit back and relax, tentatively. Why? Because we still have some work to be done ladies and gents. While this time of year can be stressful with the school year winding down and some of you even GRADUATING already (so epic!) it can be stressful. In order to perform your best you gotta balance the work with some downtime so you can perform your best when it calls for it most. Here’s a few ways I like to destress and regain some peace in this crazy schedule of mine.  

Diffusing blends  


By now you should know I’m a huge oils user. If not, hop over to the oils page of this site! But my go-to in terms of chillin’ out is diffusing some Lavender or Cedarwood Oil. Jonah got Cedarwood Oil for me one Christmas and I’m so glad for it. At first I thought it was too woodsy but now this is my number one in terms of dealing with anxiety in my life. When I start to feel that weight on my chest and the thoughts racing, I reach for my Cedarwood and fret not. Once I did this and went from full panic mode to being drowsy. I was so calm, I was ready to fall asleep. I'm talking full head bobbing,  eyes getting heavy, falling asleep! Not to mention it’s a great oil for beauty purposes but that’s a post for the oils page... Lavender is also a very soothing oil and I even wear it on my wrists to get rid of my stress. It just smells THAT good. Heck, sometimes I wear it in place of my perfume when I know a day's going to be a little crazy. Which is most days, let's be honest. I diffuse it with a drop of peppermint oil at night and it adds a little fresh kick to the lavender. So unbelievably soothing.



If physicality is not your forte, find something you do enjoy that gives a sense of reward for hard work. Painting, gaming, BLOGGING, cooking, writing, dancing, calligraphy, the list goes on and on! Every single person on this Earth has a talent. Use it to your advantage, let it be something you take heart in. That kind of work makes the not so fun work seem balanced out in a sense. Especially when you are creating something that wasn’t there before. When you get your day going feeling accomplished, you will continue to get done what needs to be (even if it’s not fun like laundry or taxes). 



If you don’t want to talk someone’s ear off complaining about the situation, write it all out! I have different notebooks for different things. I have one for poetry, one for our engagement (as mentioned in previous post), one for the day to day things, one for travel... Getting your emotions out on paper helps me to sort through what I think about a situation because now it doesn't have to just be buzzing around in my head all day. I come to better conclusions and even get to practice my cursive! Besides it’s better than airing it out on social media (never a good idea). And speaking of social media...


We got so caught up in schedules and staying up to date and in the know that sometimes we just need to shut it off. Take time to not look at the time. Living in the moment and getting outside- if that’s what you like. If you must, set an alarm if you have to be somewhere. Or if you’re daring enough shut your phone down or put on do not disturb. We were not meant to be 100% available all the time, 24/7 and that, in and of itself, can wear on you! And when you get so worn down you’re not thinking or focusing on things that are really important.


Got something getting you down? Sweat it out! Not only are you doing something beneficial for your body for your mind as well. The accomplishment I feel after a good, hard workout is unlike any other. Running farther than I ever had, lifting more than I did before... not that it’s much of a difference cause I’m a literal string bean, but it’s a difference nonetheless! Getting your body moving gets rid of that restlessness after trying to sit down and study something or work on something all. day. long.


Take A Nap

I’m totally stealing this from my pastor last weekend but... TAKE A NAP! There is absolutely no shame in needing to rest. There are so many quotes, sayings, and verses saying how we need to rest our minds. Something so important that is really taken for granted. And for something so important, people take pride in getting so little of it saying “Got my five hours, I’m all set, ready for the day!” I say NO! Get your full eight, sleep in if you need to, but just get your rest. Your mind will function so much better in the times that you truly need it.

Prayer + Meditation  

I think something we should get back to is our spirituality. Prayer is powerful, and forces us to separate from our everyday craziness and put our focus on something bigger than us. To me, it sort of puts the big picture in perspective. I think, what am I focusing on? Am I being thankful for my blessings? Am I praying for help and trusting in hope? It’s something I think brings a lot of solace in my life and knowing that it’s all going to be okay if all else fails.   

Whatever it may be, I challenge you to take the time to slow down, enjoy your surroundings, breathe in the fresh spring air. Get the stress out! Play with your dog. Don’t have a dog? Play with someone else’s dog (if that’s okay with them). You will get through these finals, you will climb this mountain. 

Have a great week guys! 

all the best, 


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