New Home, Who This?

I want to start this post by saying SORRY for being completely absent these last few weeks. There is a perfectly good explanation for my absence, I swear. The good news is- I will be introducing a whole new universe onto this already all over the place lifestyle blog... you ready?

Drum roll please...


DECOR! I'm talking full Joanna Gaines here. Why? Because we got our first apartment! (Inititate the random dance party siren from our iCarly days). My goal is to make it look like Magnolia had a child with all the coastal beauty there is to offer in our local towns and businesses right here. A marriage of the "rustic farmhouse" and New England, with all the shabby chic feels. 


Neutrals are so in right now, and it's not hard to understand why! A space with a natural palette and accessories is not only inviting in and of itself, but really draws up our instinctive roots and connection with the nature we are part of. A neutral space is soothing and grounding and everything I would want our little abode to eminate. 

But the pricetag? Not so much. Being a student, working, volunteering, church-ing, and being an overall busy-bee.. the funds are, well, lower than they could be. So I want to not only be showing awesome style in our adorable two bedroom, but how to do it all on a budget! While still supporting our local economy, of course. Another edge? Making use of small spaces and how to make it all work for you. I am SO EXCITED to be walking into this chapter of our life together, and now to be welcoming all of y'all to see it.


One thing I love about our humble abode is the built in shelves everywhere. My first thought when I walked in the door was "How many plants do you think I can fit up there?" For now I added some old decor pieces from my bedroom growing up to fill some space (hence the black framed shadow box quote things??) In the coming months I plan on growing this little collection of plants to give this space a lot of clean air and bring the good outdoors we love so much, indoors!

The shelf height works out perfectly because it's high enough that Waylon won't be able to jump up and help himself to a self-made salad. That and there's plenty of sunlight up there, ya know, when the weather decides to actually act like spring. 


This corner shelf is my favorite! The first thing we did when we moved in was slap a coat of fresh, white, paint and that has made ALL the difference. I love how nearly anything you put up stands out and is contrasted so well against it. There are so many directions you can go in style wise with white walls. I put up our plants from Smith's Acres in Niantic, my diffuser, electronic candles, and some artwork from my study abroad. Both watercolors, the larger picture is the Parliament building in Budapest overlooking the river and the smaller one is of the castle in Krakow. The glass square was a gift from our Engagement Party and I love how subtle it is and how you can still see what's behind it. I can't wait to play around with this space.


Notice my Young Living raindrop diffuser?! This location is prime real estate for all the oils to dance across the living room. Not to mention it goes great with the whole calming vibe I was trying to establish in this area. Gotta love the odd numbers, people! Just like I posted about in my *first ever Local Coastal post* here, the thirds were my go-to for an eye-pleasing experience when you first walk in. I since moved that glass orb and air plant underneath to a corner of the room, it was too hidden there! 


Our TV covers up most of what would be a fabulous mantle, but since it's hidden I tried to make do with the space along the sides. I took our little collection and kept the notebooks/planners/books that all fit the same color scheme, and the rest of our books are in the spare bedroom. It was what I thought to be a nice -functional- addition to that space.


While this space may look a little empty now, I'm picturing it full of life. We scored this comfy cozy Crate and Barrel hand-me-down from my cousin who was selling it. (Thanks, Ash!) Naturally, Waylon jumped up there with his dirty paws when we brought it in, so now my gray blanket finds its home over his prints! The wall behind it is where I plan to hang a whole mural of signs, pictures, and other items to fill up that space and make it ours.

Day by day, bit by bit, I have been watching these walls and the space within them turn into our first home. I can't wait to see how the kitchen and bath turn out once the renovations are done in the fall. Having this space means so much to us, and we are reminded every day what a huge blessing it is. I think Waylon's really enjoying it too!


Thank you for following along you guys and for being ever so patient during this HUGE transition period. If you have any suggestions, places to go, things to try, (you know I love me a good DIY proect) I would love to hear it! Any home and decor tips or tricks? I am all ears. 

All the best,


Kelsey Swinburne