22 Things That Make Me Happy

Seeing as how I just turned 22 last Thursday, I thought to myself... "Hmm, what should I blog about?" And then it hit me, as I was looking out the window of this restaurant while waiting for my large cheese pizza to come out of the oven, that I should share a list of things that bring me so much joy. Obviously pizza is one of them, which is where the thought sprouted from, I'm assuming. The list would have most certainly started with pizza, but let's be real, pizza makes everyone happy...

1. Good Music

Okay so this is something I think of A LOT. Everyone knows we are made up of cells, right? and those cells are made up of atoms which are constantly moving and vibrating in their little spaces. We are quite literally, on a microscopic level, always vibing. Like that is a real thing. Music is also vibrations, coming to us through the air in sound waves. So naturally, these vibrations hit our vibrations and can lift or drop them when it is heard and felt. I feel like this is why we can connect to music as deeply as we do because on some level we don't just hear it we feel it. So excuse me for having a jam sesh when this week's bop comes over my car stereo.

2. Learning

This never gets old. One thing I love about being in school *still* is that I am always learning new stuff. I think it's great figuring out how the world works. The more I learn the more I realize how much of a miracle life and everything in this whole universe really is!

3. Seeing New Places

Going along with the last point, I love expanding my horizons... literally. If I couldn't travel or experience new places life would be so boring! Whether it be a whole new country or a new coffee shop up the road, as long as I'm getting a new experience out of it then I will be happy. And usually you learn new things when you travel to new places so they kind of go together...

4. Farmers Markets

I've definitely written about this in a post before but I truly cannot get enough of the farmer's market. Why do you think I listed three of them in the events page? If Summer is good for anything it's the culmination of fresh produce and mom & pop shops. Where else would I have an array of fresh locally grown fruit, vegetables, natural soaps, and homemade pies at my finger tips? Exactly.

5. Cannolis

My friends can definitely attest to this one... Any time we go out to the casino I must stop by the Carlo's bakery and get one. It's only $4.20 after tax! Okay, I just realized how bad it is that I memorized the cost but I digress... if I am by any italian restaurant, I must get a taste of their cannoli! Don't even get me started on the Canoli truck that comes by at the food fairs around here.

6. Sustainability

I'm a sucker for going green, what can I say? If it's reusable or gives back in some way, shape or form, I'm probably going to have it/use it. I mean come on, someone has to care about the environment guys, we can't all just be walking around using plastic straws anymore okay?

7. Cows

Tell me you have never driven passed a field full of beautiful grazing cows and not shouted "COWS!" I've made my point. Next...

8. Nice Patients

Oh my God those sweet grammies and grampies I take care of in the hospital just melt my heart. I could pull up a seat and listen to some of them for hours. Don't get me wrong, the job's not all sunshine and rainbows but once in a while you get blessed with some really special people in those rooms. I love hearing the stories of their life, how it was in the "good old days" and how they met their significant other. It's just so heartwarming.

9. A Fresh Set of Nails

I know you feel like the baddest queen on the block when you have a fresh set of french tips on those nails, babe. Don't lie to me! I can take down the WORLD when these nails are done. Everything feels so complete and pretty and finessed... Until one of them chips. Then it's all downhill until the next time I can afford to get them done again!

10. Blogging! Duh

I have found such a passion in this and I never thought I would be able to do it. I am no professional by any means but I am definitely learning a few things here and there in the realm of graphic design!

11. Listening to Kids Pray  

Okay, so I teach Sunday school once or twice a month for ages 5 to 7 and I think it's one of the best volunteer gigs I have ever done. If you want to hear the sweetest thing, listen to a little one pray. First of all, their faith is so strong because they just have that childlike wonder. The world hasn't made them cynical yet and they are just so ready to learn about Jesus. But when they pray it usually goes a little something like, "Dear Jesus, thank you for my mom, my dad, my brother, my dog, my cat, and my toys. Thank you for..." and it just goes on. I mean they are so GRATEFUL my heart can't take it. They pray for good days and for their family's health and for school, it blows me away. 

12. When I Manage to Keep Plants Alive

This makes me very happy because it doesn't usually happen very often! I'm not kidding, I thought I could be Anne of Green Gables in this little apartment when we moved in but even the succulents are looking a little rough. Apparently you can over water plants, and apparently they can get too MUCH sunlight. Like okay buddy what happens when it's a sunny day, are you just gonna die out there too? Lucky you're a house plant where I can hide you in the shadows. 

13. Being a Dog Mom

While at times he can be quite a rascal, I adore my fur babe. He makes these little noises with his nose when he’s sniffing something he thinks is yummy, like just before taking a bite of it. Jonah and I would call him baby cow cause we thought it was a noise a cow would make. And he started off all white with black spots like one too! Now he's just speckled and crazy. But Waylon has really taught me a lot about responsibility, patience, and how we are definitely not ready to have kids yet.

14. Restaurants That Don't Sell Seafood

These are the holy lands. When you grow up in New England with a Seafood allergy, every restaurant is like a land mind, waiting to blow up your face with all the hives. Finding places that don't serve seafood is my favorite because I can just go out and enjoy some food I didn't have to cook that won't hurt me! I'm assuming that's what normal people feel whenever they go out, so that's pretty cool. Moes, Dunkin Donuts, Charlie's, Five Guys... all excellent places to get me giftcards for.

15. A Cold Glass of Riesling During the Sunset

It's the finer things in life, ya know?

16. Bandanas 

They hold all the fly aways out of my face while making me look like I may have an ounce of style! The bandana is making a come back in a huge way. With companies like Jenni Earle making them look so cool. Not to mention there are SO many different ways to wear them and the outfit combinations are endless. I already have three of them from Jenni Earle. I love that each one has a cause and the dyes are so beautiful.

17. When People Think I’m Funny

I love getting a crowd going. Or a small gathering. Or even just a person sitting next to me. If I can make someone laugh, I instantly feel better. And I'm talking actually laugh, like not a pity "oh that was bad but I'm going to laugh because I feel bad" laughs. 

18. People That Get It

This can't be stated enough. You know how people walk into your life, or maybe you have known them for a while and they just understand. They totally get it, right? I don't even know what "it" is, life maybe? But they just click with you on such a level that you're like... how doesn't anybody else get it? They are the chosen few.

19. This Number  

My favorite number. I was born on July 19th. I have 19 letters in my full name. My jersey for Field Hockey was number 19. It's one of those things that pops up in my life all the time and I'm like "oh hey, thanks for the sign, universe!" First day of my job at the hospital and what's my locker number? 19. Oh and the first number on the padlock? You guessed it.

20. Jonah

Oh this man. I could write a novel about how happy he makes me but I'll spare you the sappy love story. It makes me so happy that I get to live my life with him. Like he walks in the door and I'm like YES, He's BACK! I love planning our wedding and watching every milestone we hit together pass. I think growing up and growing old with him is the best thing I'll have ever done. He makes me laugh until I am making weird seal noises and slapping my hands together. He's a keeper, that one.

21. Lattes or Macchiatos Made Just Right

Oooooh! This one is too good! There's some serious ratios at play here, people. My iced caramel macchiato needs a little extra caramel drizzel, and preferably more milk to espresso. Same with the latte. The ratios are IMPORTANT and one heavy hand can really throw it all outta whack here. So when the barista gets it just right, I take a sip and the angels sing in a heavenly choir around me. It's true.

22. Being Thanked  

I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST. It takes literally no money, no time, or anything for someone to just say "thank you" and let you know that you are appreciated. I don't need everything I do to be noticed but once in a while it is just so reassuring. Like don't get me wrong, I know the house looks good cause I just spent forever cleaning it but when Jonah comes home and says, "Oh baby, the house looks great, thank you for cleaning," that same angel choir I was talking about before comes right on back. Or when I am about to leave a patient's room and they say a very soft, "thank you, sweetie" I'm thinking, oh my gosh you don't have to thank me! I'm just doing my job, but here you are being perfect and appreciating that hard work! Makes me SO happy.

What are some things that light up your world? Let me know in the comments below and share with your friends and family to spread some joy around like butter on a hot biscuit!

Thanks for reading guys,