Sweet Spots in Southeastern CT

If you're anything like me, you have a huge sweet tooth. And even that is an understatement! I live for treats of all kinds, I don't discriminate. Ice cream, cake, shakes, candy, and especially chocolate. So it's no wonder I'm always on a hunt for the yummiest places around. This is no difficult feat as we are surrounded with some of the most amazing dessert places. The best part? They make and sell local goods and are small businesses themselves. 


The first place I want to mention is Gumdrops and Lollipops of Niantic! This little diner has expanded so much since their opening when I was a kid. They have all the candy and treats you could ever imagine, and the best part is they carry locally made ice cream too! 

Fun Fact: My first job the summer I turned 16 was behind the counter Gumdrops and Lollipops! I scooped ice cream 'til my fingers froze for that first paycheck (and the ones after, of course). I wish I didn't take for granted how great it was to walk in to the smell of freshly made fudge at work! A treat in and of itself, honestly. 

They have grown so much since I worked there and I am so happy for them. I was amazed after they expanded because now you can sit in and enjoy their goodies, or soak up the outdoors on their patio! I can't say enough good things about this place.


Salem Valley Farms ice cream is unreal. I think it's probably the creamiest, most delicious, ice cream that I have ever tasted. They make all their own stuff, too! This is the perfect treat to get on the way back home from a hike at Devil's Hopyard. I always keep it simple and stick with my cookie dough on a sugar cone. Can't go wrong with the classics, but if you want to try something new, then you're in luck. They have plenty of flavors to choose from!

The only place of its kind in these parts... Sift Bake Shop in Mystic is home to the most amazing french pastries and owned by the newly crowned Best Baker in America! Once you have a bite of any one of their creations, you'll completely understand why. As per usually, I'm a pretty plane jane and stick to the vanilla macarons or the coconut ones (which were incredible, by the way). That or their chocolate chip cookies that are the size of my whole face! Everything is so yummy and their iced coffee is no different either. If you're on this side of the state you have to try something from Sift. 


Michael's Dairy in New London is also an excellent creamery! Tucked away by the campus of Mitchell College, this little brick building attracts people from all over. The best part is the gazebo and little field off to the right that you can relax and enjoy your ice cream with. I think my favorite part of Michael's, being a dog mom and all, is that they make their own "Pup-cicles"! All thats in it is some yogurt, peanut butter, and a banana, all mashed up and frozen for your fur babe to enjoy. Waylon loves his ice cream, and I love that I get to share a treat with him! I always say, dogs aren't here for a long time they're here for a good time. So I love doing fun things with him and letting him try new things. 

These are just a few of my favorite places to get my sugar fix! Where are your favorite places to get your sweets at? Did I miss any of your favorite spots? Let me know so I can taste test them myself... I'd obviously have no problem with that!

All the best,


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