Tiny Home, Big Adventure: The AirBnB Experience

I never thought I would be writing about staying in a stranger's camper two flights and miles upon miles away from home, BUT the internet's a funny place and provides ample opportunities. One of these opportunities being Airbnb. This handy little app allows you to look at any destination in the world and call it home. Well, for a little while anyways.

Long before this trip came into our minds, I had set up an Airbnb account just to see what it was all about. As my scrolling thumbs soon found out, there was limitless places to go. This  would not disappoint. I could literally type in some totally off-the-beaten-path location and find a place to stay for a more than affordable price. You can put in your preferences for example, whether you would like to have a whole place to yourself or if you would be willing to split some amenities with the host.

When Jonah had surprised me with the idea for an end of summer/Birthday getaway, Airbnb immediately came to mind. We needed to save money and have a nice place to retreat back to after a long day of adventures. Jonah and I thought it be best to have our own space while on vacation as to not disturb with the crazy flight times. Which came in handy as our flight didn't land there until midnight!

As I typed in our southern destination, I went searching through an array of different homes with all sorts of neat features. We came across some conventional in-law apartments and summer cottages. But nothing compared to the ever so eclectic tiny homes. There were two that we had narrowed it down to; one being a converted school bus and the other a Shasta camper from the 80’s that was completely redone. We were waiting on getting the tickets before booking a place to stay, but because we waited the bus was taken already, making our decision for us.

The Shasta it was!


We immediately put our request in for our dates after securing our tickets. The request then shoots over to the host, who has to first view your profile and accept it before you get to stay there. Within a few hours our lovely host had received our notification and put us in for the days we requested! All of the info we needed was now accessible to us, like the address, where the keys are, etc. It was also super easy to contact our host with any questions, concerns, and overall words of excitement. 

Fast forward through the airport terminals, the luggage, and the Uber drive, we arrived to our little slice of heaven. In the dark of an August night, this glowing little camper was a beacon in an unknown place. Our host had left a soft light on inside the camper (which was immaculate, by the way) and the movie scene of a backyard area aglow with big, circular, string lights. My eyes could not believe what they were seeing. To think we first saw this on a little phone screen and now here it was, in front of us, completely coming to life! 

We opened the door to find the most perfect little space in either of the Carolinas. Our host made us feel right at home in this little place. She even had put some fresh flowers from their garden in teeny tiny vases! Not to mention the binder full of helpful information and tips from locals themselves. Everything we could have possibly needed was in there. For the outdoors she equipped us with a citronella candle, lighter, and a first aid kit. For the kitchen there was hot plates, fully functioning sink, and all the utensils and kitchen tools one might need. The mini bathroom even had a fresh tube of tooth paste and some face wipes- which was perfect because we happened to forget just those two things!

All I can remember before completely crashing on our comfy little bed, was uttering the same phrases; “Oh my God!”, “How cute is this?!?”, and “I can’t get over how perfect this is”. I was the ultimate broken record. I really just couldn’t get over how elated the space made me. We had what we needed… a place to lay our head, a few essentials, and each other. You really don’t need much more than that.

So without any further adieu… I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Of course I traveled with my oils... See the diffuser?


This little speaker was the perfect touch! It was bluetooth and totally retro. You can actually buy it here.


You know you’re in the right place when your bags match the decor…

I told Jonah, I want our home to look like this. To which he responded… “only a little bit bigger right?” 

I mean, the obvious answer would be “yeah, of course”. But I got to thinking how much this little space brought us together. How much freedom it allowed us. When we wanted to clean up or do dishes it took no time at all. Less time cleaning a house = more time enjoying life and free time with your hubby! Not to mention it saved us so much money (hundreds, even) that we could put towards the things we wanted to do and see down there. 

If you have the opportunity, choose the tiny home. Choose the couple that shares a beer with you and opens their home to you. Choose humble over hotel. Choose to stay in the Airbnb. I promise you will feel so much more fulfilled when you eventually come back to your old familiar pillow with all the new memories of the adventures you had and the places you roamed. 

All the best,


Kelsey SwinburneComment