Green Beauty


In this collective conscious I have found myself in, between friends and the internet, there is one thing that has gone so unnoticed and that is clean beauty products. I feel as though it is the last port this all-natural ship is willing to dock at.

Why? Is it because of the Youtube beauty influencers, pushing their new palettes while hiding the fact that they test on animals? Is it because we don’t think our skin is absorbing everything we put on it? Is it because we just haven’t made the connection yet?

I have found many making “the switch” in other aspects of their lives. We’ve replaced our cow milk with almond milk, we’ve traded our hamburgers for bean burgers, our plastic for glass/reusable, our over-the-counters for holistic remedies… but what about our beauty products? We have been doing such a great job at changing what is going in our bodies, but not much as what is going on them. Which is why I am so thrilled to see the rise of the Green Beauty movement. A wave of people questioning why we haven’t studied the ingredients in our cosmetics in decades. (Luxe Botanics really breaks it down best on their page here, if you’re unfamiliar with the concept!)

Talc, parabens, asbestos… all ingredients that have been showing up in beauty products on our shelves this year. All ingredients that could be wreaking havoc on our bodies, our hormones, our cells, you name it. In order to take a stand, I think it is so important to be informed, so I have linked a few articles to do just that.

  • If you want to know more about Endocrine disruptors found in cosmetics, click here.

  • You can find reports of a recall on cosmetics with these ingredients found in them by clicking here.

  • If you want to read about how the US is falling behind other countries in its Cosmetics Safety click here.

  • Or if you want to learn more about how the FDA is (finally) thinking about the Cosmetics industry you can click here.

Thankfully there are resources like the EWG that do all the hard work of reading labels and finding good companies for you! If you head over to this link, you will not only find a slew of credible information but products that you can switch out for better alternatives.

If you’re a local to the Connecticut shoreline you can always swing on down to Greenhouse Beauty. After having gone to a Blogger’s Brunch with the lovely ladies at Greenhouse, my eyes were opened to this world of safe cosmetics and I haven’t looked back since! It’s good to know that while I’m looking my best I’m also treating my body the best. No nasty hormone-disruptors on this face, please! The pictures above are from that day and the top picture contains all of the green products I was blessed with. Let me tell you, the difference is unbelievable. I have never had a mascara that didn’t make my eyes burn and itch, until I found this one. And I have never worn a foundation as light and natural feeling with amazing coverage until finding the Gressa foundation. I made a whole blog post just about that foundation. The argan oil has been officially all used up this morning and was like a magic wand for my dry skin! Don’t even get me started on the organic eye cream either… goodbye gray under eyes and sleepy puffiness. I loved the way the Ursa Major face wash smelled and loved even more how it made my skin feel. I could genuinely go on and on about how great these products were but the best way to find out is to try them for yourself!

Not to mention, if you use essential oils you can even make your own cosmetics! All you need are some products in your kitchen and you are golden. For example my sugar scrub that was one of my first posts on here! Or my DIY makeup remover wipes that have changed my night time make up routine forever. The possibilities are endless! Not already an oil user? I can totally get you started! You can shoot me an email and I will gladly get back to you. If you just want to know more about them, check out what got me started.

Let me know what clean products you like to use! Or if you have some of your own green beauty recipes, I would love to try them out for myself! Whatever you do, stay informed and know what it is you’re using. You and the earth depend on it.

All the best,