Gressa: Minimalist Foundation


It’s time to upgrade your makeup lineup and what better way than to start with the foundation. In life we need a strong foundation in many things… houses, relationships, pie crusts, and most definitely our makeup routine! As something that goes on your body’s largest organ, day in and day out, it shouldn't be leaching toxins into your pores. Why keep covering up breakouts with the very thing that may be causing them? When you switch to natural products your body will thank you, and in my case I could definitely see that with this foundation. I had forehead breakouts after using my last foundation and when I switched they have been disappearing! While this foundation is a beautiful little bottle of botanical products, you should still wash your face clean of it at the end of your day so it can be ready for more in the morning.


In this non-toxic magic the first ingredient you’ll notice is Broccoli seed oil. Broccoli contains many important nutrients that help your body function! Two of those nutrients being Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Vitamin C is known to help your skin make collagen, (amongst other really great things like helping sun damage, helping dry skin, and fighting free radicals just to name a few). So yeah, it’s pretty darn great! Vitamin A is similar in its effects with collagen, which is always good because as we get older our collagen fibers aren’t as strong or prevalent, ergo life lines. Not wrinkles. Why? Because you are not a dress shirt that was left in the dryer too long that needs to be ironed. While it is excellent to have these in your diet so you can help your skin from the inside out, it definitely doesn’t hurt for the veggies that contain them to be on your face either!

The reason this foundation got its name Minimalist is because all it takes is one drop from the serum dropper to cover your whole face. Let me say that again for the people in the back, ALL YOU NEED IS ONE DROP. Unreal, I know. This provides a light, buildable, and very natural looking coverage. I personally like to use 2 but I definitely would not be using more than 4 drops at a time!


I think the best part of this foundation is that you don’t even feel like you’re wearing makeup. Usually liquid foundation makes me feel very aware of my face and has this heaviness to it. With Minimalist I feel like my skin can still breathe! I never once had to touch it up either throughout the course of my day and I am a chronic face toucher, ie. resting my chin in my palms in class.

I found my perfect shade at Greenhouse Beauty in Old Lyme, CT where I was so graciously hosted at their Blogger’s Brunch! (Don’t worry, there’s a post coming on that awesomeness). You can find a wide array of natural products there along with the nicest ladies that will help you and all of your beauty needs! If you’d like, I linked Gressa’s website here so you can see all of their products too.

Thank you for reading as always my friends, and remember to be kind to your self, your skin, and the places you’re in.

All the best,


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