royally Oily

The biggest lifestyle changes for me began with using essential oils from Young Living. When I started using oils it had me questioning a lot of the products I purchased and the things I did everyday. I realized that I did not have to be surrounding myself and my family with harsh chemicals, toxic ingredients, and things I thought were healthy. 

Peppermint was the oil that got me questioning why I had been buying into the junk all my life. It was my "red pill" so to speak (for all of my Matrix fans). After years of struggling with severe occular migraines and taking every pain medicine under the sun, I figured why not give this oil a shot? I rubbed some peppermint on my temples down to the nape of my neck and within seconds that stabbing pain was gone. Utter shock does not even begin to encompass what I felt. I immediately messaged my distributor and told her I could not believe this was actually working. 

Since then I have broken up with my medicine cabinet, cleaning products, even my beauty products (it was a toxic relationship) and switched to the far more healthy alternative of oils! Now I'm a distributor myself, reaching out to people that were just like me; desperate for a better alternative.

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